March 5, 2011

DEEP SLEEP - Three Things At Once

After Never Enough broke up, Tony and I talked about doing more of a punk band, since at the end NE had been covering Poison Idea, Dead Boys, etc. We enlisted The Fuses drummer Lee Ashlin, and Can't Say/ Greasegun bassist Mike Thompson and proceded to write our first 7" which was released on Grave Mistake records out of Richmond. I wrote the riffs with few exception, with Lee being my editor. 
In Late 2006/ Early 2007 Deep Sleep and Greasegun broke up for a number of reasons, mostly me being a weirdo and trying like hell to claw my way out of Baltimore. After an unfortunate chain of events I was forced to stay in Baltimore for a while. At this point Lee and Mike were both out of the band permanently and Tony and I decided we wanted to keep Deep Sleep going. We enlisted Mike Sterns and Darick Sater from The Spark and Active Sac and began writing our new 7" Manic Euphoria. As huge fans of the same style of SST/ Cruz Records style punk pop, we started moving in a new direction trying to take the Deep Sleep sound to a whole new level. We recorded our next 7" Paranoid Futures shortly thereafter. Here is a collection of all three singles called Three Things At Once.