March 4, 2011

GREASEGUN 2005-2007

After some line up changes, Can't Say decided to change our name to Greasegun. I decidedly took our songs in a more straightforward kind of direction. I guess I had bands like Beezewax from Norway and Starmarket from Sweden on my mind, as well as the usual culprits such as Mega City Four, Doughboys, Lemonheads, etc. We wrote 4 songs and recorded em for a demo.Eventually we planned on having releases out on Toxic Pop, and Newest Industry. After the 4 songs we wrote 3 more which sadly were never properly recorded.Posted below are those 3 songs live @ The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD.

Andy and John just started Widow's Watch with Donald from Can't Say, and Andy is also doing Ninety-Six Ghosts with Brian and Ryan from from Subsist.


Live at The Ottobar Song 1:

Live at The Ottobar Song 2:

Live at The Ottobar Song 3: