May 24, 2013

Paranoid Futures Discography

Links to videos, tapes, bandcamp, itunes, spotify, and FREE downloads.

Coming Soon

Kent State - Samsara 7"
Spider Eyes - demo
Chrononaut II


21. Suspect - S/T React! Records LP listen / purchase
20. Tennis System - Part Time Punks Session PaperCup Music
19. Deformities - Sometimes I Wish For My Own Death listen / free download
18. Kent State - Live on KUCI listen / download
17. Kent State - The Wrong Side of History LP listen/buy LP/ free download
16. Kent State - split W/ Shivering Window  listentape  (2013)
15. Kent State - Hog's Tooth (music video) directed by Emma Maatman
14. Kent State - Nuclear Winter music video directed by James Branscome
13. Chrononaut - Ill Purgatorio, Ill Paradiso bandcamp / FREE DL
12. Suspect - six song ep bandcamp / tape FREE DL
11. Kent State - Rudimentary Peni Tribute comp listen / purchase
10. Kent State - Behind Closed Doors ep itunesspotifyFREE DL SOLD OUT
  9. Kent State - Behind Closed Doors music video directed by James Branscome
  8. Kent State - Past Lives collection itunesspotifyFREE DL SOLD OUT
  7. Kent State - split W/Doleful Lions bandcamptape SOLD OUT
  6. Kent State - split W/At the Heart of the World bandcamptape  SOLD OUT
  5. Kent State - split W/Airlooms bandcamp /tape SOLD OUT
  4. Kent State - Walk Through Walls ep bandcampitunesSpotifyFREE DL
  3. Kent State - Spahn Ranch tape SOLD OUT
  2. Kent State - Challenger bandcamp / itunesSpotify/  FREE DL
  1. Kent State -  Spahn Ranch ep bandcampitunesSpotifyFREE DL


Kent State - Christmas Vacation (Descendents cover) listen / download
Kent State - No Rules (GG Allin cover)free DL video
Kent State - Polly (Nirvana cover) listen / Free DL
Kent State - Who Killed Marilyn listen / FREE DL
Kent State - Tried To Shine (Greasegun cover) listen / FREE DL
Kent State - 1/4 Dead (Rudimentary Peni cover)  listen / FREE DL
Deep Sleep - Turn Me Off bandcamp / purchase
Deep Sleep  - Three Things At Once LP bandcamp / purchase
Deep Sleep - Paranoid Futures 7" purchase
Deep Sleep - Manic Euphoria 7" purchase
Deep Sleep - You're Screwed 7" purchase
Greasegun - 2005 -2007 FREE DL
Can't Say - Call Me FREE DL
Never Enough - Dead Set On Destruction /  itunes
Inspite - discography FREE DL
Inspite - Only the Dead FREE DL


music videos:

Suspect - Search For Peace official music video directed by James Branscome
Kent State  - Nuclear Winter official music video directed by James Branscome
Kent State  - Behind Closed Doors official music video directed by James Branscome
Kent State - Hog's Tooth (music video) directed by Emma Maatman
Kent State - No Rules(GG Allin cover) Video

Juicy's Grind Can't (Juicy J / Slim K Slowdown video collage ) / watch
Juicy's Grind Got A New One(Juicy J/ Slim K Slowdown video collage) / watch
Juicy's Grind Don't Sleep (Juicy J/ Slim K Slowdown video collage) / watch
Juicy's Grind And A Double Cup (Juicy J/Slim K Slowdown video collage) / watch

Coming Soon:
Kent State - Hole In the Infinite music video directed by James Branscome
Kent State - Gal√Ępaghost music video directed by James Branscome