September 4, 2014

Secrets For Sale '14


Gonna be announcing some new Kent State releases soon!

 In the meantime, I thought I'd drop this rerecording of Secrets For Sale from 2011's Walk Through Walls ep. This track has forever been one of my favorites and I always thought it deserved a better recording. Hope you enjoy it!

free download!

June 25, 2014

New Suspect song from the forthcoming 12" on React! Records

June 16, 2014

Kent State - No Rules (GG Allin)

While I'm waiting on all the new Kent State stuff to come out, here's a cover of GG Allin & the Jabbers'  No Rules with video accompaniment

the song is downloadable on soundcloud.

May 27, 2014

Upcoming shows


next up:

Suspect, Dogteeth, Neighborhood Brats, Fraude

6/1 @Oxford House